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Endurance events

Training packages are tailored to each runners abilities and goals. Whether it be for an 800m track event, a road 5k, or a marathon, we have training packages that will make you stronger and faster.

We understand the in’s and out’s of putting a training program together but also the minor (and sometimes major) tweaks that need to be made to keep you free from injury. What you receive with our training programs is a tried and true method for increasing endurance and speed while improving your race time.


What we provide:​
  • Tailored training package for your race distance and goal pace

  • Race strategy discussions as your race approaches

  • Daily/weekly communication to keep you motivated

  • Daily workout instructions

  • Meal Plans to keep your nutrition on point for both training and race week

  • Conditioning exercises for well-rounded physical strength

  • Stride analysis (in-person or via video)


Click Here to sign up for the 3 Month Training Package.

Click Here to sign up for the 6 Month Training Package.

Endurance Training
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