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3 Tips for Staying on Track with Food during the Holidays

The next two months bring with them an all to common issue. November and December are thought of as the two toughest months of the year for staying healthy. Between the super big Thanksgiving meals and all the holiday parties in December, there is no shortage of comfort foods and desserts.

Here’s a few tips for sticking to a healthy holiday season.

Tip #1, and possibly the toughest piece of the puzzle, you need to talk with the family members who are hosting meals over Thanksgiving. The conversation needs to come from a place of you wanting to help out with the meal. I know that means you might have to do some work in the kitchen, but it might also be the only way you have a healthy option to eat. Let them know that you are willing to bring a side dish and/or healthy dessert option. Typically you will not get turned down when offering to bring food to the meal. This approach allows you to be helpful instead of complaining about the lack of healthy food options.

Tip #2 is to have a refillable water bottle with you at all times on the trip. When we leave our normal day-to-day routine we often forget about hydration because we are in a different environment with different people. Carrying a water bottle around will remind you to drink often. Dehydration is one of the causes of over-eating. Stay hydrated to avoid eating extra snacks.

Tip #3 Do not go back for seconds. This one can be hard because there will typically be left over food waiting to be eaten. While it looks tempting, one plate of food is more than enough for a meal. Stick to one plate and one small dessert.

Follow these tips and you will have a healthy Thanksgiving Day. After that, it becomes easier in December to stay on your plan because you made it through the toughest food day of the year.

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