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Can you control High Blood Pressure without medication?

In most cases high blood pressure can be controlled without medication. It’s actually a pretty simple process although simple is not always easy.

Your blood pressure can be a signal of many other things going on in your body. Blood pressure issues are considered chronic disease, which means there is a likelihood your life will be shortened because of them. It's really a symptom of a much bigger issue and not necessarily the issue itself.

Hypotension is defined as having abnormally low blood pressure while hypertension is blood pressure that is too high. Hypertension is a much more common issue than hypotension, so let's look at the causes of high blood pressure.

There are several common factors that raise blood pressure, but these are not all the reasons it could increase. Poor nutrition, low activity level, high stress, and heredity are the most common reasons why people have high blood pressure. I'm a firm believer though that you can reduce hypertension and get to a point you no longer need the medication by addressing several of these factors.

Change is hard, plain and simple. I know that. If it were easy then there would be no such thing as a chronic issue because we would simply change our behavior and the issue would go away. But that's not real life. Real life means you have to change in order to see a different result.

The first step is commitment. Your mindset must be so committed to making a healthy lifestyle change that nothing can derail it. Because it's hard - it's change. Next you have to be honest with yourself ALL THE TIME. Don't allow yourself to talk your way out of eating healthy or exercising today because you'll do it tomorrow. Discipline is the next thing you need. You must have the discipline to stick to the plan.

I have plans available to help people with blood pressure issues. If you are dealing with hypertension or think it will soon be an issue for you, take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Relax your shoulders. Commit yourself to dealing with it in a natural way by getting healthy.

Reach out - because I'm here to help from that point forward. You too can gain a whole new confidence through having better health.

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