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Where to Start with Exercise in the New Year

Before doing a new exercise program you need to check with your doctor to make sure there are not any health concerns. Exercise is great for you but if you are not healthy internally, exercise can also make those issues worse.

My belief is any good exercise program starts with Core Strength. From there I can build you a program that fits your physical needs whether it be for sports, work or general strength.

Why is Core Strength Important?

Core strength is important because of what it prevents. Here’s a few of the issues that having a strong core will prevent:

  • Back Strains

  • Posture Issues

  • Overall Injuries

  • Some Breathing Problems

What is Core Strength?

I define Core Strength as having a strong mid-section of your body from your hips to your rib cage/upper back. It’s a little bit more than just your abdominal muscles. These muscles are almost always at work. From holding your posture when you are sitting down to keeping you in proper form when you are exercising to helping you breathe properly when you sleep. Your core muscles are similar to your heart – they never get a break. Your core muscles are the most active in your body so it should be obvious why you would want to have a strong core.

How Do You Get a Strong Core?

Unfortunately, most Americans do not work at keeping their core strong. We are inundated with advertisements and gadgets that guarantee us a ‘six-pack in 5 minutes a day’ but yet we do nothing. Granted, yes you should be skeptical that 5 minutes a day will give you six-pack abs. If all you do is 5 minutes worth of abdominal exercises a day, you likely won’t have a visible six-pack but you will have a strong core if you are doing the right abdominal exercises. To get that desirable six-pack ab look, you must be more active than just 5 minutes a day because it takes cardio work to keep the fat off. But if you are doing the work to stay fit, yes you can have a six-pack with just 5-10 minutes of abdominal exercises a day.

Like with all health improvements, it is difficult to get to a healthy point. But once you get there it is fairly simple to maintain.

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