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Are You Ready to Face the Truth and Improve Your Life?


If you are tired of feeling frustrated, unhappy, and disappointed, this book will give you the wake-up call you need to find your purpose and achieve it. Change is always possible, no matter what your circumstances. The first step is an honest look at where you are today. With faith, courage, and perseverance, you can build a life brimming with happiness, vitality, and success.


Athlete, coach, and exercise physiologist Jerry Snider gives it to you straight- with high levels of candor and frankness rarely seen today. 

Using his personal experiences, Jerry will help you ferret out the lies you tell yourself and then empower you to improve your life, relationships, and health.


“No More Sugar Coating. That’s what a lot of us need in our life right now. Jerry’s done a phenomenal job articulating everything that has happened in his life and what he learned from each experience. These lessons give you a step-by-step guide to take your life to the next level.”-- Kevin Franklin, Former NFL Athlete, Current YMCA Program Director


“Jerry lays out his core convictions for daily living through real-life stories that have shaped every aspect of his life. He not only believes what he writes but lives it out every day as he encourages and coaches others.”-- Jay Mathis, US President of Africa Renewal Ministries, Pastor, Former business coach


“The truth is something we don’t always want to hear, but our vision desperately needs it. This book steers its readers to the most important variable of success-taking ownership and responsibility for ourselves, regardless of the outcomes.” -- Bobby Whisnand, professional motivational speaker, life coach, and 11-time author including the 7 Books of Whisdom Motivational Series,

No More Sugar Coating

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